Capricorn march 19 horoscope

You're feeling more tender now and need peeps that uplift you. You usually take on a lot around the holidays to make sure that your loved ones are cared for and fed.

Though this time around, you're strongly encouraged to lighten your load and ask for the help or assistance that you need. No need to try to soldier through anything alone.

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When it comes to the tasty treats of the holiday, you might want to consider healthier options or ways that you can partake in the goodies without going overboard. Though try not to beat yourself up if you do get a little carried away. Too, don't let the usual family suspects rile you up.


Fun and romance are your focus this weekend, so commit to doing things that bring you joy and take your mind off of the daily grind. At the same time, if you're not feeling something or someone , don't force it as the best things that happen to you now happen organically.

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Home and family life could be a bit stressful for you this weekend. Though if you need to have an in-depth convo with someone close to you about a matter that's been weighing on your heart, this could be a great time to do it. Also, be careful of impulse shopping or spending. Your mind could be a little too heavy now, which could stop you before you even get started. That's why you'll have to be proactive in seeking out people and activities that bring you peace and comfort.

Taking time to nourish your mental health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You love to spend big, but this weekend you're called to focus on the necessities rather than big extravagant purchases.

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You might also consider donating things you no longer need to justify the need for new stuff. Also, pace yourself this weekend. It's OK if you're not up to partying. You might be feeling a bit sensitive this weekend in terms of how you may be perceived by others, which could trigger you to think negatively about yourself. However, as long as you're bringing your best self to the table that's all that counts.


What you used to think was important, really isn't. You might be feeling a bit tired and in your feels now. If so, consider this weekend your excuse to be a bit selfish. Looking For Guidance?

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